About Crazy Farm

fancylogoHow hard can it be to cultivate a tomato using only seed, soil and water?  How does freshly baked bread from a clay-oven taste and smell?  How cute does a piglet look up close?  What does water straight from a well taste like and how refreshing can it be?

Here at Crazy Farm all these questions have been answered simply.  Time has stopped and as our farmhand Victor says…., “Here, every day is Sunday”.

Just because…life is exciting.

Just because…the craziness of the farm cannot co-exist with the logic of the city.

It’s a chance for you to live close and in line with nature, enjoy a walk by the creek, a nap under the oak tree or to have a “conversation” with the animals. Αll this and much more….

This is what Crazy Farm has to offer.

We encourage visitors to stop by for a taste of life on the farm and an experience with nature.  So come, relax, have fun and enjoy it because here, every day is Sunday.


Welcome to Crazy Farm
A Poem by Jenna

Crazy Farm is a unique and wonderful place
Where all plants and animals have their own space

Goats roam without cages, as well as pigs
Threes grow with pears, walnuts, and figs

Away from the city and full of fresh air
A place to relax without a single care

The farm is just starting and still in progress
Natural cultivation is its key to success

No chemicals needed to help plants grow
Diversifying the produce is better, you know

Kids escape boredom and enjoy the farm too
There’s lots for them to see and lots for them to do

So join us anytime to learn and play
And always remember, every day is Sunday